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Man sentenced in hit-and-run automobile accident

Injuries resulting from car crashes can be very severe, and prompt medical attention is often necessary to help prevent long-lasting or even life-threatening damage. A person involved in an automobile accident should notify authorities immediately, especially if there is a likelihood of personal injury along with property damage.

Hit-and-run accidents occur when someone involved in an accident flees the scene without contacting authorities or calling for necessary medical assistance. Such an accident resulted in a sentence of three years imprisonment for a Huntington Beach man recently. He will spend the time in a state prison due to causing and leaving the scene of an accident on Dec. 11 that left another driver mentally and physically disabled. Prosecutors in the case affirmed that the victim remains unable to speak or walk at this time.

The accident occurred in Orange County when the defendant rear-ended the 66-year-old victim's Nissan on the Garden Grove Freeway. The Nissan crossed the freeway and hit the center divider. The court found that the defendant then fled the scene and was picked up by his girlfriend after parking his car nearby. The defendant was driving on a suspended license.

Car accidents are relatively commonplace, but failing to stop and report an accident with injuries can dramatically increase the victims' chances of recovering. Those injured in such a case should seek to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law. It may be possible to seek compensation for personal injuries and property damage sustained in such a collision.

Source: Huntington Beach Independent, "Man gets three years for hit-and-run," Mona Shadia, Sept. 26, 2012

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